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PLC programming

Predictive Monitoring Systems in Canada

Keep Your Plant Running

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Predictive Monitoring Systems

Predictive Monitoring is the heartbeat of your plant.


Monitoring assets of all sizes, we find cost saving and performance optimization opportunities. Using remote access and reporting, we offer whole plant monitoring that ensures your business is operating at the highest level.


Our tools empower management and maintenance workers to make critical decisions and maintain equipment.

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Optimize Performance

Plants rely on all kinds of equipment to operate. Lower cost assets play a key role in operations, but lack effective monitoring. By focusing on low cost, high value assets, Addos’ technology can ensure plant operations run smoothly, with as little downtime as possible.

PLC programming

Predictive Monitoring and Maintenance

Unparalleled Insights

Our SaaS program means we can provide remote access and reports to help you monitor your plant health.


Our compact, proprietary analyzer is non-invasive and won’t interfere

with existing networks.


Installation is easy. Our system will be up and running quickly, meaning there’s no delay in getting data to transform your business.


Not only are we able to monitor large assets but we can also focus on what we call “low cost, high value assets”. These are motors of all types and sizes that are key to production but may not be candidates for monitoring either due to size restraints or possibly the immense cost that comes with vibration and other condition monitoring techniques.


By using real-time monitoring and generating automated reports, we can alert key personnel of equipment health concerns 24/7. Remotely access equipment overview that will show you the current health of all your equipment in a quick glance.

Maintenance Planning

Health and critical alarm reports give maintenance the opportunity to prioritize equipment that would otherwise be a routine schedule for PMs. These reports can give time to make sure parts are available and schedule maintenance saving companies from unexpected downtime.

Predictive Monitoring Systems in Canada

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