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At Addos, our mission is to be the most innovative and forward-thinking Controls and Automation firm in Canada. We have worked hard to establish a widespread reputation and our services enable us to provide optimized production and reduced costs by identifying and fixing inefficiencies.


In addition to providing innovation in Controls, Addos conducts its own Research & Software Development with the ultimate goal of enabling facilities to reduce costs, optimize equipment & process and reduce operating risk in order to create a safer work environment.


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Addos is working with various partners to help create better software to help maintenance managers address equipment reliability issues in medium cost assets using data driven techniques. There are significantly fewer options available to help manage these lower cost assets despite the fact they can still result in millions of dollars in production and energy inefficiencies as well as unnecessary maintenance over the course of a year. Most facilities already have the necessary infrastructure that will allow for the prediction of equipment failure before it becomes an issue.


Thanks to newly available technology, it is now possible to perform a much richer real-time analysis on such large and scattered data sets. The information gained is relevant to many different roles within the facility from maintenance, who could use it for planning, to upper management for assessing liability and risk in real time.

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