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Control Systems Canada

Welcome to Addos Technologies

Innovation is at the centre of all we do.


Combining our expertise in software development, machine learning and automation, we offer clients unique tools and platforms to improve their businesses.  


With experience in a variety of industries, we create solutions that reduce overhead and optimize various processes.

PLC Programming services

Professional Services

Innovative Solutions
HMI computer software

Predictive Monitoring System

Predictive Monitoring allows companies to monitor large assets and keep things running. Automate work and ensure critical infrastructure is running. This system is the heartbeat of the entire plant process.

PLC Programming

White Label
Billing System

Tailored for the telecom market to help build brand credibility, we provide a first-class billing system, customized to your needs. From customer portals to administration tools to branding, we have you covered.

PLC Programming

Industrial Software & Automation

We provide a variety of software, from data processing

to machine learning, to process optimization. Our services help you run your business more smoothly, with quality data and software.

PLC Programming

Custom Software Development

We specialize in designing web portals, APIs and machine learning applications. Our experience in industries ranging from telecom to industrial automation means we have the experience needed to build the software your company needs to succeed. Let us build the software you need.

Canada Network Design

Expertise You Can Count On

We inspire innovation.


Addos creates software solutions to help management reduce overhead and increase productivity. We’ve worked with the University of Alberta to develop data driven solutions that address reliability and optimize production & maintenance demands.

PLC programming

Automation Companies

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